Monday, February 25, 2008

It's not personal

Today and tomorrow are definitely somber days. There will be a viewing for Andi tonight and her "going home" party tomorrow. I woke up somber, and the more I thought about it all . . . her family, the kids, the tragedy of it all . . . the sadder I was becoming. I know that Andi would not want that. I know that she would want us all to be rejoicing with her and praising God for the life He has blessed us with. I know that she would want us to enjoy our day, our kids, our families and our friends. So I started thinking about some of the funny things my kids have said or done over the years. My husband has urged me for almost 12 years to write all the funny things down so we can remember them. I meant to. I mean to do alot of things. :) But - time has flown by way too fast and I realized I have only written down just a handful of them. I'm going to try and start writing them out more. I know the kids love hearing all the funny things they have said and done in the past (even if they didn't think it was funny at the time). :) So here's one from over a year ago - December 1st, 2006.

My daughter Meghan had faithfully read book after book as a 1st grader to earn a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut as part of a school incentive program. We decided to go out to eat as a family on our typical Fun Family Friday - which also happens to be pizza night at our house. This definitely was a special treat for the kids as we rarely went out to a restaurant all together (too expensive for our family of 6). Meghan ordered her personal pan cheese pizza while the older 2 boys, myself and my husband all ordered the buffet. Jacob didn't eat much at the time and we figured he could share a piece of Meghan's pizza. Her pizza took forever to arrive. When it did, we shared a piece with her younger brother and then gave her the rest of her pizza.

"Here's your personal pan pizza Meghan." I said cheerfully.

With a typical "Meghan look" of seriousness and frustration, her reply was . . . . . "It's not a personal pizza. I had to share it with Jacob!" :)

We laughed so hard!

She didn't see the humor in it. :)

The blessing of the night was that, because her pizza was so late in coming (well after we had finished our pizza), they gave us one of the buffet meals and drinks for free! Plus we had already had a coupon for a "buy one, get one free buffet". So I think our total bill came to about $10!! God is good!

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