Sunday, August 10, 2008

They speak with other tongues

OK - Here's another book I just read from cover to cover. If you don't know me that well - that's pretty amazing! I rarely read any book in it's entirety - or even half of the book. And I never (ok - VERY rarely) read any fiction books. Too much to do than to sit around and read fiction. :)
So - I just had to share this book with you . . . .

"They speak with other tongues" by John L. Sherrill is an older book (wasn't at the library - so I just ordered a cheaper copy at

It was a bestseller in it's time, and it will really open your eyes and help those of you that struggle with the whole concept of speaking in tongues (or other manifestations of the Holy Spirit - or even the baptism of the H.S.). It can even help those of you that currently are baptized in the HS and do speak in tongues, to be able to help and explain to others what it's all about and why it's beneficial. It is a super-easy book to read as it is in a story format - but full of great history of the Pentecostal movement, etc. The author takes you along on his own journey of trying to figure out just what this strange phenomenon is and if it's of God (and if he should be a part of it).

I highly encourage you all to read it!

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