Monday, March 17, 2008

Locks of Love

I'm sure that most of you have heard of Locks of Love . . . but have any of you ever been brave enough to grow your hair for a long time to be able to donate it? I keep thinking about it . . . . but once my hair gets to "that stage" . . . you know . . . the uncontrollable-all-you-can-do-is-put-it-in-a-ponytail stage . . . well . . . I give in and start chopping! I just can't do it . . .yet. I think the best time to grow it would be during the summer as I usually just wear it in a ponytail for 3 months anyways (we are always at the pool . . . and I am too hot to wear it down . . . and it just frizzes anyways in the humidity here!). Maybe this summer. . . . we'll see. :) I am proud of several of my fellow MOPS moms who have grown their hair out and donated 10-13 inches of hair each!! Way to go ladies!!

My daughter, however, was a brave soul. In fact, I learned that 80% of the hair donated to Locks of Love comes from kids! Way to go kids!! We really can learn alot from them!

How and why did my daughter decide to do this?

A couple years ago (at 6 years old), she started praying every night (and still does) for "everyone who is sick or has broken a bone to get better" (ever since she had broken her arm during her 3rd week of gymnastics! She thought she could do a flip already! She's a brave . . . or crazy . . . soul!). We started talking one day about how she could actually DO something for people who were sick . . . and I told her about Locks of Love. She didn't seem too interested at the time and quickly changed the subject. However, to my surprise, at dinnertime she announced to her dad that she was going to grow her hair for Locks of Love! She told everyone and anyone who wanted (or didn't want) to know! Little did she know it would take over a year to a year and a half for her hair to grow the required minimum length of 10 inches (from the bottom of her ear - the shortest she wanted it cut).

In December and Jan she was measuring her hair more frequently as it was getting closer to the 10 inches and she was very anxious to be able to cut it and mail it off! Finally, the week of Valentines day - we measured and it was over 10 1/2 -11 inches! Yeah! She was not going to let me put off cutting it any longer!

Here are the pics of the grand occasion!!

There are other organizations that will accept your donated hair as well. Locks of Love does make wigs mainly for kids who have alopecia areata (where they lose all their hair). Here are a few other organizations to consider as well. Some do not require as

Angel Hair for Kids
Wigs for Kids - Need at least 12 inches.
Pantene Beautiful Lengths - Hair only has to be 8 inches!
Canadian Cancer Society

And here's a good page that gives just a little more info for you.

Love to Know - Hair

So why don't you go for it?! My friend Andi who recently passed away (at the age of 35), had a beautiful wig that she wore while going through Chemo. I'm sure she was so thankful for the generous people who donated their hair to help her feel more beautiful during such a trying time! And this isn't just a thing for girls . . . boys have donated their hair as well (especially with the long-hair hairstyles that are around these days)! And if your hair is already VERY long . . . can you spare at least 10 inches . . . or more . . . to help out these kids and adults?! It's an easy thing to do!

God bless you all today!

Lori :)


Stephanie said...

Wow! Great job for your daughter! What a big difference! From very long to very short hair! She looks absolutely stunning in her new bob haircut! I'll bet she was nervous losing all that hair at once! But it's for charity, right? Is she going to keep it short or grow it out and donate it to locks of love again?

Lori :) said...

She actually wasn't nervous at all! She was begging me to cut it!! :) She was so excited!
My guess is that she will keep it short . . . at least for awhile. She has incredibly thick hair, and she loves that there are hardly any tangles with short hair!! It makes the mornings much tolerable! :)
I hadn't asked her if she was going to grow it again to donate. But I imagine one day she will.

Lori :)