Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Parenting with Love and Logic

Some of you may have heard of this - but I just wanted to pass it on just in case. This parenting style/technique has done wonders for our family - especially with my little "CEO's in the making" (aka - my strong-willed children)! :) We are not always consistent with it - but when we are, there is a huge decrease in the amount of anger, frustration and yelling that goes on around our house! AND my kids are learning to make wise choices for themselves! A double bonus!!

Check it out!

I also have a link on the right to the Parenting with Love and Logic website where you can get emails (encouraging advice, bits of info on how to succeed at this parenting stuff!), read articles, see video clips, download audio clips,etc.

Lori :)

Dr. Foster Cline (Love & Logic) will be on radio show/podcast tomorrow

Tue Mar 11, 2008 6:22 am (PDT)

Hi everyone. Dr. Foster Cline, of "Love and Logic" fame, will be my
guest on this week's show, Wed. March 12. Dr. Cline is a child
psychologist and the co-author of the immensely popular Parenting with
Love and Logic series of books and parenting workshops. We will talk
about how to raise responsible children.

You can listen live from 12-1:00 Eastern Time on March 12 by going to
www.findingyourchild.com, click on radio and then click play. Call in
your questions for Dr. Cline at (347) 215-8510 or email me your
questions at dawn @ findingyourchild.com.

You can listen after it airs, by going to this same page on the
website and clicking on this show. And, my favorite, you can download
it as a podcast and listen whenever and wherever you want. You can
download it be clicking on the iTunes button on the radio page of

Please pass this information on to any group that might have an
interest, including any parenting groups you belong to.

Dawn Davenport
The Complete Book of International Adoption (Random House)
Host of the weekly internet radio show/podcast, blogger, and mom

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