Sunday, February 8, 2009

You know you are too busy when . . .

OK - This one is just for fun!

"You know you are too busy (stressed/tired/etc) when . . . . "

Fill in the ". . . " for me!

I'll start.

. . . I sprayed white board cleaner in my hair thinking it was my leave-in conditioner spray! (maybe subconsciously I thought it would erase the "white" IN my hair!)


Terri said...

LOL! You know what is sad for me is that it is not uncommon for me to put milk in the pantry or forget to turn the coffe pot on.

Ruth said...

You know you're too busy when you can only shave one leg in your shower time and you eat the oatmeal (that's been sitting there while you fed your kids) cold because microwaving it takes too long!