Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spiritual Cavities?

I HATE going to the dentist!

First there's the fear of having cavities - (which is really a fear of the Novocaine and drill to take care of the cavities . . . but that's another story to tell you! Plus - I don't think there's any more room in my mouth for cavities to form! I had "soft" teeth as a kid. :( No fun.)

But what I really hate is the scraping that the hygienist has to do with her metal torture tools!

However, I choose to endure it every six months to keep my teeth healthy and clean - and boy do I love how they feel after they've been poked at, scraped and polished shiny! I go home with a renewed determination to make sure no plaque EVER gets on my teeth again! Dental floss . . . here I come! :)

It seems though, that no matter how much I floss and brush, there's always some little hidden crevice that likes to hold onto and hide bits of the yummy food I've been eating. (I don't blame my teeth! I would love to hold onto it too. . . . just not in my teeth . . . or on my hips! Hmm . . . where can I store it then??)

So, yesterday, as I was doing my Lamaze breathing techniques to get through another anxious hour at the dentist - I decided to check in with the Lord. :) (what else is there to do? I had counted all the ceiling tiles, the water spots on the tiles, read all the labels on the light above me and any other appliance or tool that was in my limited view!)

The Lord asked me - "How are your spiritual "teeth"? How are your kids' spiritual teeth?" What have we been "eating" lately that could have turned to plaque . . . and potentially cause harm to us - death to part of us - ie. cavities? What sweet things have we enjoyed eating - only to later find out that it wasn't so good for us after all (despite how sweet it tasted going down)? What am I even talking about, you ask?

My friend Bree posted a similar blog post this week - Don't let your guard down. I encourage you to read it!

We need to not only be careful about what we "eat" (watch, listen to, engage in, think about, etc) - but we need to make sure we are daily "cleaning" our spiritual teeth (going to God for forgiveness).

None of us are perfect. We all "eat" things we shouldn't from time to time. But, what do we teach our kids about their physical teeth - "Go brush them. Get them clean and get all the sugar off your teeth so it won't cause cavities". We need to do the same spiritually . . . immediately! The longer we wait - the greater chance that that "food" will settle in and start to harden - almost looking like and becoming like our "teeth" - but it is secretly and slowly causing death (disease, sickness, etc)!

So today I challenge you to watch what you "eat". What have you been allowing in your own life or your children's lives that could potentially cause damage.

I know it's hard to say no to some things. They seem harmless. They are fun. They are "sweet". But in the long run - are they really good for you or your kids?

We have had to do away with alot of the "popular" and "sweet" things that "ALL the kids" are doing/have/etc. It's because I love and care about my kids and their health - physically, emotionally, and spiritually! I tell them that's the reason. "I love them too much" to allow some things. One day they will understand and be thankful. One day they see all the problems their friends have (the "cavities" in their lives) - and realize that they were spared that trouble because we loved them enough to be tough (or as they say "mean!").

So be a "mean mom" or dad today! Watch what you guys "eat" and make sure you all brush and get "clean" immediately (or at least daily!) - washing in Christ's forgiveness!

Phillipans 4:8
"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."

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