Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Your Father's Love

(I posted this on my other blog - Drink from the Deep - and felt I should post it here as well.)

I can't begin to explain or tell you how much I desire for each of you to fully know and understand the love that our heavenly Father has for each of you . . . all His children! His true and overwhelming love! If you do not know or understand what I am talking about - I encourage you to take the time today to watch/listen to THIS WEBCAST of James Jordan talking about the Father's love (put on by CBN.c0m). It just may change your life!! It was the love of the Father - understanding it and experiencing it - that totally changed my life (in many ways and on many levels) and my spiritual walk with the Lord! It changed my faith from a religion and a bunch of head knowledge, to a relationship and a bunch of experiential knowlege!!

PLEASE watch it today!!!!!!! You won't regret it!!

And if you live in the Virginia Beach area - go to New Life Ministries International to find out more info about the Father's Love Conference by James Jordan starting tomorrow (thursday - 12th) through Saturday! You won't regret going!! (Picture above is the flyer for it)

Go deeper in your Father's love today!

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