Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rice Nuggies?

A form of punishment used to assert dominance in a social structure, usually given when a lower person does or says something stupid or annoying. It consists of rubbing of the knuckles hard against the skull to cause moderate pain. Usually the head is held stable with the weaker arm, and the nuggie is given by the stronger arm.


"Lauren, have I given you a nuggie yet today?" my husband jokingly asked our 4 year old niece during our Christmas vacation. I was expecting her to giggle as most kids would and reply with "nooo. . . . but I don't want one either!" Instead I heard her reply quickly and matter-of-factly . . . . . .

"No. But I can only have rice ones cuz I can't have gluten or corn."

She was dead serious! My husband tried to keep a straight face as we silently chuckled together.

"Oh really?" he said in a serious tone back. "You can only have Rice nuggies?"

"Yes - only rice nuggies." Lauren replied.

"You sure you can't have regular nuggies?" he asked again.

"No - only rice nuggies - not regular ones." she reiterated.

"Oh, that's too bad. Maybe you can ask your parents if you can have a regular nuggie later" he encouraged.

She was busy at the moment so she didn't ask. We told her parents (my sister and her husband) - who also thought it was hillarious - and theydecided to tell her it was ok to have a regular nuggie and to go ask her uncle for one. She was soooo excited (jumping around in glee)! . . . . I know, I know . . . how mean!! . . . I agree! I was only an observant in all this - I have to say! :)

So she runs up to her uncle with a huge smile on her face and says excitedly in her sweet 4 year old voice, "My dad said it was ok for me to have a regular nuggie. Can I have one?" she continues to jump up and down around him.

"Are you sure you want one?" my husband asks.

"YES!" she can't contain herself.

"Okay . . . . here you go" as he promptly grabbed her head with one arm and lightly rubbed his knuckles on the top of her head.

"There you go!" he said.

The look on her face was priceless . . . and heartbreaking. . . . it was a mix of excitement turning into confusion.

"Nuh--unh! I want a real nuggie" she begged, as she didn't believe that was really a nuggie.

"That was it Lauren" he tried to convince her. You could see she was very slowly realizing that she had been duped . . . tricked . . . by her own uncle . . . and parents . . .

But hey . . . . . . at least it wasn't a Rice Nuggie! :)

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Terri said...

This still makes me laugh!