Sunday, January 20, 2008

Signed Retainer . . . will win! (R. to S. update)

Yes folks . . .I have signed a retainer with the ACLJ in regards to our Candy Cane incident! The school's legal counsel was not getting back to us. So - we will see what becomes of all this now that I've got the lawyers talking to each other (soon). I don't know how much I can say about it all now that the lawyers are involved . . . . but hopefully I can keep you guys updated. We are not suing the school (as of right now) - but am trying to help them to understand what the student's rights are in regards to the distribution of religious literature and "religious" talk/conversations, etc. within the school setting - whether the student is a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, etc. All the teachers I have spoken to (and a principal) all have said that they know very little about what the student's rights are. They know what they (the teachers) can and cannot say and do . . . but they don't have any idea about the kids. They have never had an inservice, instructions, or even a memo regarding this. Sounds strange to me - especially in today's day and age! I was shocked to find this out!

Well - keep it all in your prayers as we definitely do not want to see MORE freedoms taken away here in the US!

Lori :)

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